The introduction to one of our early publications, "Treasures of the Buddhist Archive of Photography", gives an idea, in Lao and English, of how we got started in 2006. Today (in 2016), the Archive assembles 19 different monastic collections of photographs, as well as written sources ranging from palm leaf manuscripts to letters, diaries, journals and other grey literature found by us in the monasteries of Luang Prabang.

Photo: The team of the Buddhist Archive of Photography at the start of research with the Asia-Africa-Institute, University of Hamburg, in 2015: front row, from left: Pha Khamlar Inthavongsak, researcher; Pha Khamlek Inthalee, researcher; Pha Phap Phisavat, research assistant; second row, from left: Hans Georg Berger, the archive's co-founder; Xieng Sounet Thammalat, research assistant; Tit Bounsou Saytam, curator of exhibitions; Prof.Dr.Volker Grabowsky, director of research; Tit Mixay Chaleurnsuk, research assistant.

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